Give workers a break to ease pressure on household budgets

We know middle class and working Australians feel like the economy isn’t working for them. The cost of living keeps going up, and wages just aren’t keeping up.

Labor has a plan to ease pressure on family budgets by:

  • Giving workers a tax break – of up to $1,063 each year, instead of giving handouts to big business

  • Better regulation of power prices – with a new regulated cap to protect families and small business from price gouging by big energy companies

  • Restoring penalty rates – to deliver fair pay for up to 700,000 workers

  • Levelling the playing field for first home buyers – by reforming tax concessions for property investors so they don’t have an unfair advantage when purchasing existing homes

  • Guaranteed pensions – no changes to the pension age or rebates for pensioners

We need to get our government and the economy working for the people.

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