Give every child, in every school, the best start in life

Investing in education is critical to building a stronger, modern economy.

Labor has a plan to rebuild Australia’s education system:

  • Give every school the funding it needs – more teachers and resources to give students greater individual attention

  • Two years of preschool education for every child – quality early education, delivered by qualified educators, for all three and four years olds

  • Create more apprenticeships – waive upfront fees for 100,000 TAFE students and make 1 in 10 jobs on infrastructure projects an apprenticeship

  • A stronger TAFE system – invest $100 million in TAFE upgrades and guarantee TAFE receives two thirds of vocational education funding

  • More university places – end the Liberals’ cap on university places and help 200,000 more young Australians graduate from university

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