Build job-creating infrastructure for our suburbs and regions

  • Expand our public transport network – including the Cross River Rail project in Brisbane, the Western Metro in Sydney, connecting the Western Sydney Airport to the rail network from the day it opens, expanding Perth’s MetroNet, and extending Melbourne’s Number 11 Tram line.

  • Build better roads and safer highways – including safety upgrades to the Bass and Murchison highways in Tasmania, extending the Bruce Highway to Cairns Airport, funding the Mackay and Rockhampton Ring Road projects, and delivering the Romeo Road to Mitchell Freeway extension in Perth.

  • Upgrade regional bridges – including the Bridgewater Bridge in Tasmania, building a wider bridge over the Shoalhaven River in Nowra, and deliver up to 300 wider, stronger bridges in regional Queensland.

  • Invest in dams and water infrastructure – including the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme, building the Rookwood Weir Dam, upgrading the Burdekin Dam and delivering water security for Townsville.

Make multinationals and millionaires pay their fair share

  • Make multinationals pay their fair share – close the loopholes exploited by multinationals and stop profits being stashed away in tax havens.

  • Close loopholes used by the top end of town – stop the use of family trusts to avoid paying fair share of tax

  • Wind back the excesses in dividend imputation – end cash refunds on share dividends for investors who don’t pay tax.

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