Better paid and protected jobs

Labor will always stand up for the pay and conditions of workers.

  • Restore penalty rates – to deliver fair pay for up to 700,000 retail and hospitality workers.

  • Crack down on dodgy labour hire – ensuring labour hire companies must provide workers the same pay and conditions as those employed directly.

  • Stop sham contracting and fake casuals – so workers can’t be forced to be ‘permanent casuals’, and companies can’t avoid their obligations by getting staff to register as contractors.

  • Close the gender pay gap – taking action to deliver equal pay for equal work by forcing big business to report on their pay gap publicly.

Local jobs for local workers

Labor will build local, buy local, and employ local for government projects to deliver more jobs and opportunities in outer suburban and regional areas.

  • Crack down on the abuse of 457 visas – by limiting them to areas of genuine skill shortage and requiring positions to be advertised in Australia for local workers first.

  • Use Australian grade steel – when building public infrastructure projects. 

  • Protect local manufacturers – by taking action against illegal dumping of cheap foreign products in the Australian market.

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